“Beryllium Copper Non-Sparking Wrench”

This is not an ordinary wrench made of Iron or Steel. The ordinary wrench made of iron and steel are small in size and are usually available in local tool shops nearby.

Beryllium Copper Non-Sparking wrenches are used in mines, ships, aerospace, and many industries where there are such big nuts and bolts.

Now, these wrench have special properties like Non-Sparking, Non-Magnetic, Safety….!

Yes, those 3 important words..!

These wrenches are used in Petrochemical Industries, Chemical Industries, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Ships, Aircraft, many places where their safety is an issue. It is best to use your non-sparking tools of Beryllium Copper. Do not compromise by using aluminium bronze or copper titanium.

- Enovathemes