Frequently Ask Question About Beryllium Copper

What is Beryllium Copper?

Answer : Beryllium copper is an alloy made with copper which is 97 %, Beryllium, nickel. some Impurities like iron and some cobalt.

When was Beryllium Copper Introduce in India?

Answer : Indian scientists in the 1970-1960 of, finding it very difficult to arrange this alloy americans & russians for not ready to gave us this material So, Mr A.P.J Abdul Kalam stepped in and manufacture this alloy in india.
This project in india on the nuclear map of the world. now, beryllium copper alloys are easily available. you can come to us, visit us or call us www.domadia.net

Is Beryllium Copper Toxic?

Answer : Beryllium copper by itself not toxic but if you consume beryllium in this purest form then Yes, it is toxic but anyway this are metal and there are not for consumption.

Is Beryllium Copper RoHs Compliant?

Answer : Beryllium copper is many grades C17200 C17510 C17500
CuCoNiBe. these all grades contain different percentage of beryllium. RoHs compliant materials beryllium contains lower than 1% any beryllium copper which is more than 1% is not RoHs compliant. that means C17200 is not RoHs compliant. many others grades are RoHs compliant.

What Are The Properties of DOMADIA™ Beryllium Copper ?

Answer : That make it such a special alloy ?
high conductivity, acid resistance, non sparking, anti galling, super spring action, amazing stability, amazing stability,
there are so many reasons It has high melting point and there are so many there beryllium copper is one of the best alloys in copper.

Is Beryllium copper magnetic?

Answer : No, Beryllium copper is not magnetic even if you use a high neodymium magnet. beryllium copper is not magnetic.

Is Beryllium copper harder than steel?

Answer : There are many grades in beryllium copper and many grades in steel with different hardness.
We can not put a generic words saying that Is beryllium copper harder than steel.
Some grades are beryllium copper are very hard some grades of steel that hard.
So, yes on an average every metal has it own hardness & softness.

Is Beryllium Copper expensive?

Answer : Yes, The Lifecycle of beryllium copper compared to any other material like phosphor bronze or copper is way higher. So, Yes Overall it is Cost effective.

Does Beryllium Copper Corrode?

Answer : Beryllium copoper is non corrosive at a very high levels
that’s why they are used in submarines & ships.
so, yes Beryllium Copper does corrode but the time period is way longer. It does not really corrode. It actually oxidizes because of water and moisture. The corrosion levels of beryllium copper are very low.

Can Beryllium Copper be Welded?

Answer : Yes, Beryllium copper can be welded.

You just have to use the right welding consumables.

How Is Beryllium Copper Made?

Answer : Berylium coper is made in high vacuum furnaces with beryllium, copper, nickel, cobalt, iron and many other such small particles which are there as impurities. they can’t be made in regular furnaces as beryllium is toxic in air.

Can Beryllium Copper be Gold Plated?

Answer : Yes, some components required gold plated of beryllium copper yes, it can be done.

Can You Machine Beryllium Copper?

Answer : Yes, you can machine beryllium copper. beryllium copper have been used in plastic and many many places where high precision machinery is required. you just have to use the right tools something like tungsten carbide tool and something like that which can help you.
make sure that you get the precision with beryllium copper.

How To Identify Beryllium Copper?

Answer : Beryllium copper looks like regular copper so by the looks you can’t really make out is Beryllium Copper. but you can do a complete chemical-weight analysis test to find that out usually these tests are available at NABL recognized labs.

Which Are The Common Alloys In Beryllium Copper?

Answer : The most popular alloy in beryllium copper is UNS C17200 that is alloy 25. each has 2% beryllium (1.8 – 2% Beryllium). there are other alloys which are also in beryllium copper like, C17510 C17500 CuCoNiBe again all these have lower beryllium content.

How To Polish Beryllium Copper?

Answer : Special tools like tungsten carbide and many such tools are used for polishing beryllium copper.

Does Beryllium Copper Oxidize ?

Answer : Copper in it’s natural form does oxidize. so, Yes beryllium copper also oxidizes but if you compare it with copper the oxidization level is way lower in beryllium copper.

What is a Density of Beryllium Copper?

Answer : Density of beryllium copper alloy25 Cube2 is 8.36.
usually the calculation are done on 8.4 basis.


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