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  1. Goods once sold and delivered to the purchasing party will in no circumstances be taken back.
  2. Goods billed herein are carefully packed and dispatched. Our risk and responsibility ceases on the goods leaving our office or warehouse, unless otherwise specified.
  3. In cases where goods are dispatched to the purchasing party or his representative, our responsibility ceases on delivering the goods to such purchasing party or his representative and no claim or complaint will be entertained in regard to shortages, transportation loss, etc. in such instances.
  4. Claim for rejections, short supplies etc. If any, should be made in writing by the buyers and submitted to us within seven days from the receipt to the goods sold for our investigation, after which goods are considered accepted.
  5. No credit for rejections of goods will be allowed unless the rejected goods are returned by the purchasing party and are received by us.
  6. No credit or set off for return of sales tax will be allowed on rejection unless such rejections are received by us before the end of the next month.
  7. In case of goods being forwarded to the purchasing party by rail, air or other modes no responsibility shall involve on us in regard to any damage to goods either by way of breakage, shortage, theft and/or pilferage in transit.
  8. It is understood that as sellers, we shall have firsthand paramount lien on goods not taken delivery of by the purchasing party at the destination for any reason what so ever so long as the full amount as per the invoice submitted for goods in question remain unpaid by purchasing party.
  9. Sale in made subject to force majeure.
  10. If the payment of the bill is not made within 30 days from the date thereof or due date, interest at 21% per annum will be charged from date of Invoice.
  11. Goods sold are subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.
  12. We shall try to deliver the goods ordered in time as agreed in order form but we distinctly decline any responsibility and or liability in respect of any loss or damages direct or indirect, occasioned to the buyer by any means through delayed delivery and in no case shall delay in delivery be a ground for rejecting the goods.
  13. Unless otherwise specified all rail, motor/lorry, air and ship borne goods are dispatched at the purchaser’s risk only.
  14. If the fulfillment of the part or the whole of the contract in materially affected by war or warlike situation or any of the regulation of Central and/or State Government or government’s all extra charges incurred thereby will be on the purchaser’s account only in such cases we shall also have the option of canceling the entire and/or remaining part of the order not executed.
  15. GST (CGST / IGST / SGST) is charged as per the GST ACT 2017.
  16. Insurance: We will never insure the material. It is party’s responsibility to insure the goods.
  17. Legal Expenses: In any arise due to failure of payment or otherwise will be made by the purchasing party.
  18. Business Registration Details of DALI ELECTRONICS
    • GSTN# AACPD0099E1Z3
    • IEC# 0398044171
    • PAN# AACPD0099E
    • MSME # UDYAM-MH-19-0046940

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