Frequently Ask Question About MuMetal

What is MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer : Mu Metal is soft magnetic iron nickel alloys It contains 80% nickel 5% molybdnum balance iron and many other impurities like Silicon.

How do you Shield a Magnetic Field ?

Answer:- If you want to block out a magnetic force, you will have to reroute the magnetic lines of the magnetic flux. To do this you need to use a high permeability Iron nickel alloy such as Mu metal.

How Is Soft Magnetic Iron Nickel Alloy Commonly Known as MUMETAL Used For Shielding?

Answer:-  Magnetic shielding material MuMetal i.e. Soft magnetic iron nickel alloy mainly consist of 80% nickel, Moly 5% and balanced iron. It is highly used for Shielding Magnetic fields. There are many brand names for these material like Mumetal, Permalloy, Super Muniperm, Aperam, Amumetal, Softmag 80, Hipernom. These are all brand names of different companies. You cannot really use a Chinese material with same specification and get desire results. Magnetic Shielding for cables is done by wrapping the MuMetal FeNi80Mo foil and your job is pretty much done. Magnetic shielding applications of round or rectangle or square object. A magnetic field does not travel in a straight it work Up and Down. Its travel all around. To shield object you need to prepare round or cone shape and shield it! Sometimes we do not have a choice, but to use a square or a rectangular shape. What you need to do is take a rectangle or square object and make sure the edges should be round or more turned and roundish this will also help you shield the magnetic field.

Can MuMetal be magnetized ?

Answer:- MuMetal is a soft magnetic iron nickel alloy with very high permeability, Because of its high permeability, it is used as a shield against the magnets. It is also used for shielding electronic equipment’s and components from static and low frequency magnetic fields.

Can you weld MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer : Yes, You can weld (MuMetal) FeNi80MO5. just make sure it is heat treated before you welding it also used nickel electrodes for welding the same.

What is the Chemical Composition of MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer : MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 is a soft magnetic iron nickel alloys.
the main chemical composition is contains 80 – 82% nickel
4 – 6% molybdnum and balance iron. It also has some impurities like

  • Manganese (Mn) 0.8% max
  • Silicon (Si) 0.5% max
  • Cobalt 0.5% max
  • Copper 0.30% max
  • Chromium 0.30% max
  • Phosphorus 0.02% max
  • Sulfur 0.01% max
  • Carbon (C) 0.05% max
  • Iron (Fe) Balance

What are the Typical Physical Properties of DOMADIA MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer :
Density : 0.316 lb/in³ [8.7g/cm³]
Melting Temp : 2642°F [1450°C]
Curie Temp : 788°F [420°C]
Resistivity : 60 μΩ​cm
Thermal Conduction : 19 (W/​°Km)
​Specific Heat : 460 (J.Kg-¹ .°K-¹)”

What are the Typical Magnetic Properties of FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer :

DC μ @ 40 gauss 80,000
DC μ @ 100 gauss 105,000
DC μ maximum >400,000
DC Hc <0.007 Oe [0.6 A/m]
DC Br (gauss) 4,000
DC Bs (gauss) 7,600
AC 60Hz μ @ 40 gauss 65,000
*Data are typical of .014″” [0,36mm] final annealed sample and should not be construed as maximum or minimum values for specification or final design. Data for each material thickness and/or lot may vary.”

What is the Curie Temperature of MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer :
“Curie Temperature of (MuMetal) FeNi80Mo5 is
380 °C
716 °F”

What is the Magnetic Permeablity of MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer :
“The Magnetic Permeablity of DOMADIA (MuMetal) FeNi80Mo5 is
min 60000
min 60000”

What are the typical mechanical Properties of MuMetal FeNi80Mo5?

Answer :

​Stress Annealed Properties
​Hardness : 160 Hv
Tensile Strength : 700 MPa
0.2 % Yield Strength : 280 MPa
Elongation : 45 %
​Grain Size: 6-8

Final Annealed Properties
​Hardness : <120 Hv
Tensile Strength : 530 MPa
0.2 % Yield Strength : 160 MPa
Elongation : 32 %
​Grain Size: 0-3”

What are the Popular Brand Names of MuMetal ?

Answer :
DOMADIA(TM) FeNi80Mo5, MµMetal / MuMetal / µMetal / HyMu80 / Nickel Iron Molybdenum / Permalloy 80 / Super Muniperm / FeNi80Mo5 / Super MuMetal / SofMag80 / Supermalloy / Aperam / Permimphy / Permalloy C / EFI Alloy 79 / Magnifer 7904 / Hipernom / Moly-Permalloy / Amumetal, DOMADIA(TM) FeNi80Mo5.


What is the Electrical Resistivity of MuMetal FeNi80Mo5 ?

Answer :
“The Electrical Resistivity of MuMetal is 0.0000550 – 0.0000620 ohm-cm 5.8e-7 ohm.m”

Is MuMetal a permanent magnet ?

Answer :
No. MuMetal is not a magnet. It is a magnet shielding material, which means it deflects magnetic flux.

Does MuMetal Block Magnetic Fields ?

Answer :
MuMetal re-directs magnetic flux so it lessens the magnetic field’s influence on the item being shielded. Shielding does not eliminate or destroy magnetic fields, nothing does. It does, however, provide an easy path for the magnetic field to complete its path. You may think of it as a magnetic field conductor or shunt.

What are the Properties of MuMetal ?

Answer :
MuMetal is 80% Nickel. So a lot of properties of Nickel are visible here. It is a Silvery Metal. Its Soft material. It is one of the most flexible alloys in sheet form.

What is MuMetal foil ?

Foils are basically sheets that are rolled down and converted in to foil Metal. It’s Soft material. It is one of the most flexible alloys in sheet form.

What are the International Standard of MuMetal ?

Answer : Internation Standard of MuMetal (FEeNi80Mo5) are ASTM A753 DIN 17405 IEC 404 JIS C2531.

Can You Use MuMetal Material at High Vacuum ?

Answer : Yes, Gassing of MuMetal is very low just like stainless steel so you can used him for shielding at high vaccum too.

What Is The Price of MuMetal ?

Answer : This is the question that is usually googled a lot. well,
LME dictates the price of most of the metals in the world
now since MuMetal contains 80% Nickel take the price of nickel and you take the price of molybdenum which is 5% and balance iron well, you think you can just go to a manufacturer tell them, why don’t you mix all these metal and give me the material & you think is done. Lets me give your wake up call! it doesn’t work that way.
MuMetal is a very very special alloy if you make this alloy & if it doesn’t work. what is the point?
MuMetal has handful of manufacturers in the world to get you the result that is required for shielding. well, We have a huge inventory from all these manufacturers or some of these manufacturers you can visit out website
No, We Don’t sale the cheap quality MuMetal.

What is the best place to Buy MuMetal foil ?

Answer : Best place to MuMetal foils is you can visit the website you will get a huge variety of these MuMetal Foils and Rods.

What if I am not able to find the right thickness for MuMetal ?

Answer : MuMetal there is an advantages what yu can do is you can combine then suppose you require a 2mm sheet for making a product to make a shielding now, what you can do is
If you’r not finding 2mm sheet you can take 2 sheet of 1mm
same problem that happens with lots of others people. they say we want a total of 1.7mm. now sometimes it is not possible to stock 1.7mm. So, what you can do? You can take a 1.5mm sheet and 0.2mm sheet and make it a 1.7mm.
You can make the same two components puts it together & use it. MuMutel will do its job.

What Are The Applications Of MuMetal?

Answer : Shielding, this is one of the most important application of mumetal. this is where no other alloy can replace MuMetal. It is also used in cathode ray tubes which asre outdated now but main objective of this materials is shielding. Now you can shield so many things. you can shield fluxes that come from earth. You can shield magnetic fluxes which come from transformers, You can shield magnetic fluxes that come from permanent magnet. that are installed in many places, Yu can shield these cables which are passing huge amount of electricity from one place toi another but specially with Aluminium conductors where it is affecting others equipments which aree naer by. If you look through any problem where there is shielding problem which is affecting any kind of equipments. MuMetal will do the job. you just have to install it correctly.
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