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Tungsten Copper W80Cu20 is a metal alloy composed of 80% tungsten (W) and 20% copper (Cu) by weight. It is commonly referred to as a tungsten-copper alloy or simply as W-Cu.

Tungsten is a refractory metal known for its high melting point, excellent strength, and density. It has a wide range of applications in various industries, including aerospace, electronics, defense, and automotive. Tungsten is often used in applications where high temperature resistance, high hardness, and good electrical and thermal conductivity are required.

Copper, on the other hand, is a highly conductive metal with excellent electrical and thermal properties. It is known for its good ductility and corrosion resistance. Copper is commonly used in electrical wiring, electronic components, and heat exchangers.

By combining tungsten and copper, the W80Cu20 alloy exhibits a combination of properties from both metals. The alloy retains the high melting point and strength of tungsten while benefiting from the improved electrical and thermal conductivity of copper. This makes it a suitable material for applications that require high thermal stability, good electrical conductivity, and high strength.

Some common applications of tungsten copper alloys include electrical contacts and electrodes, heat sinks, microwave devices, resistance welding electrodes, circuit breakers, and high-voltage switching devices. The alloy is also used in the manufacturing of rocket engine nozzles, electrical discharge machining (EDM) electrodes, and various components for the defense and aerospace industries.

It’s worth noting that there are different compositions of tungsten copper alloys available, with varying tungsten and copper ratios, to meet specific requirements of different applications.


Tungsten copper alloys, such as W80Cu20, are used in welding applications, particularly in resistance welding electrodes. Resistance welding is a process that involves joining two or more metal components by applying pressure and passing an electric current through them. The high electrical and thermal conductivity of copper in the tungsten copper alloy makes it an excellent choice for this purpose.

Resistance welding electrodes made from tungsten copper alloys have several advantages. They exhibit high strength and hardness, which allows them to withstand the pressure and wear during the welding process. The high thermal conductivity helps in dissipating heat efficiently, preventing overheating and maintaining the electrode’s stability.

Tungsten copper electrodes are used in various types of resistance welding, including spot welding, seam welding, and projection welding. Spot welding is commonly used in the automotive industry for joining sheet metal components. Seam welding is used for creating continuous welds along the length of a joint, while projection welding is used for joining components with small projections or embossments.

The use of tungsten copper electrodes in resistance welding helps to ensure consistent and reliable welds. The alloy’s high melting point and resistance to deformation at elevated temperatures contribute to its durability and long service life.

It’s important to note that tungsten copper alloys are also used in other welding processes, such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) or TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding. In GTAW, tungsten electrodes with copper alloys are often employed due to their high temperature resistance and good arc stability. These electrodes are primarily used for welding non-ferrous metals like aluminum, magnesium, and copper.

Overall, tungsten copper alloys play a crucial role in welding applications, providing excellent performance, durability, and conductivity in various welding processes

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